segunda-feira, 18 de julho de 2011

LulzSec - Just for the Lulz

18-19 February: (The last hours on twitter were like this)
"The Sun's homepage now redirects to the Murdoch death story on the recently-owned New Times website. Can you spell success, gentlemen?"
"If you visited The Sun before we did this (may God have mercy on your soul) clear your cache so the redirect works. #MurdochMeltdownMonday"
"And if you think the redirect doesn't work, that's, as usual, your own problem. It has been confirmed by 500 Chinese slave workers."
"It would appear has been hit so hard with redirects that it's now down. That would explain it... we're laughing quite hard."
"Within 30 minutes, pages are overloading, things are crashing! We are working our way through the cracks right now. Stay tuned for more."
"Don't be a #peon like the others. We are showing you a very small surface; the real damage is currently giving the admins heart attacks. ;)"
"This is just as fun on the inside. We are battling with The Sun admins right now - I think they are losing. The boat has landed... >:]"
" now redirects to our twitter feed. Hello, everyone that wanted to visit The Sun! How is your day? Good? Good!"
"So News International released this AMAZING statement on The Sun:… We improved it for them though!"
"Oh, we forgot to mention that we sailed over to News International and wrecked them too. Nearing 300,000 followers... full steam ahead!"
"Pete Picton - 788050730 | Chris Hampartsoumian - 07799767555 | Harvey Shaw - 07770380556 <- Call them (mobile) !" 
"For all you new people that are watching us right now: this is what we do, this is how we do it. High-quality entertainment just for you."
Arrest us. We dare you. We are the unstoppable hacking generation and you are a wasted old sack of shit, Murdoch. ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWER!"
"Thank you for the love tonight. I know we quit, but we couldn't sit by with our wine watching this walnut-faced Murdoch clowning around."
"Thank you, gentlemen. Our theme tonight:… *salute* breaking the unbreakable since 2011. Never stop sailing. You are free."
(This information was made public on twitter. All content is full responsibility of the author @lulzSec) 

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